Basil's Dream, a novel.

Lucy Langston’s marriage is failing when her husband Darrell is suddenly offered a new job as CFO for an American insurance firm in Bermuda. With their twelve-year-old son Peyton, they leave their affluent Connecticut life to start anew in a paradise of pink beaches and quaint British decorum.

All too soon, a darker reality emerges, and each of them becomes secretly entangled with Marcus Passjohn—a charismatic opposition leader known for his defense of the island’s underclass—and Marcus’s alienated son Zef, a budding anarchist.

Darrell slips into an intrigue to destroy Passjohn’s credibility.

Peyton, bullied at school, takes refuge in a frightening delinquency with Zef.

And Lucy, seeking to reclaim her son before it’s too late, enters a compelling alliance with Marcus Passjohn, one that quickly escalates into a powerfully transforming love affair.

Joan Silber says: “Basil’s Dream chronicles the slippery terrain of love, politics, and race with such beautiful deliberations and wise judgments that it seems to prove fiction can go where other forms can’t. It’s an entirely riveting story, vivid, full of intrigue, set in a Bermuda far beyond the border of cliché—a novel I won’t soon forget.”