Christine Hale

Basil's Dream

A love affair exposes violence and deceit at the heart of not just two unhappy families but an island nationís history. In Basilís Dream, soul-searing truths awaken in its lovers and in the streets of Bermuda, shattering lives and bringing the stumbling government to its knees. The novelís characters remember and deny, chase, evade, share, and ultimately seed one anotherís dreams. Basilís Dream melds the personal to the political to offer a redemptive vision: the world as a place where destruction and moral ambiguity enlarge hope rather than annihilate it.

ďChristine Hale effortlessly transports her readers to Bermuda, not the Bermuda of tourism - bright flowers and blue seas - but a fiercely complicated place where political, racial and romantic passions run high. In a manner reminiscent of Graham Greene in The Quiet American, Hale braids together romance and politics as her heroine, the white American, Lucy Langston, and her hero, the black politician, Marcus Passjohn, struggle to keep their footing in this dangerous place. Page by beautiful page the suspense builds to an inevitable and shattering crisis. Basil's Dream is an ambitious, absorbing and important novel.Ē

--Margot Livesey

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